The final chapter (ha) looking at some of my most-anticipated books of 2022 is here. Now, unfortunately, as we peer so very far into the future (and yet not very far at all) the problem becomes…a lot of books haven’t had their covers revealed yet! I promise you, we will muddle through, and if nothing else, use your imagination—never judge a book by it’s cover, or lack thereof!


The Sunbearer Trials, Aiden Thomas (Feiwel & Friends, 6 September)

There was no way to start this post without pointing enthusiastically at Aiden Thomas’s next book, The Sunbearer Trials. A blend of Mexican-inspired fantasy and queer coming-of-age, ready to steal your heart and stun you with its magic. The trials happen at the start of every decade, necessary to replenish the magic and power of Sol and to keep the forces of evil and shadow at bay. Teo is chosen to compete in the trials, but he’s not a semidiós, he’s just a Jade. Pitted against five others—all of whom have more magic and more power—Teo must fight for fame, glory and most of all, survival.


I Fear My Pain Interests You, Stephanie LaCava (Verso Books, 25 October)

Any novel that finds itself focused on the PNW is a book friend of mine. I Fear is a cross-country story of a woman burnt out and exhausted by expectations, leaving her youth and family in New York to move to the Pacific Northwest. But she’s escaping more than just her family; running from the last bad man, the prying eyes of the world, and—at some deeper, fearful level—herself. What will we do, and where will we go, to learn more about ourselves? Who will help us? And in what ways will the heal—or hurt—us?


A Wilderness of Stars, Shea Ernshaw (Simon and Schuster, 29 November)

I love magical worlds that are cloaked in darkness, and Shea Ernshaw will deliver just that. Author of The Wicked Deep, Winterwood, and A History of Wild Places, Ernshaw finds her stories in the shadows between the trees, tucked amongst the roots of the outdoors. Vega has been forbidden from leaving the valley, her mother warning of the threads beyond its borders. But her mother dies and stars begin to fall from the sky and Vega—the last astronomer—must search for answers beyond the safety of the valley. When threats become real, Vega is rescued by a woman named Cricket, and along with Noah, flee the men hunting Vega. As the line between friend and prisoner becomes unclear, Vega must decide whether or not she will risk it all—to save everything.

Friends, it is at this moment—on the tail end of vigorously searching NetGalley, Goodreads, Twitter, and more—for exciting releases upcoming in December, that I must admit defeat. The final month of this fresh new year eludes me! (When it comes to new books, that is.) Therefore, I promise to return later in the year and dedicate a whole space to books releasing in December, rather than a single monthly feature. Deal? Deal.

So, go forth and read! There’s a whole year ahead of us (and a new Goodreads challenge!) and plenty of books itching to be read and shared. Beyond the titles I’ve mentioned here and in parts one and two, there are dozens coming out each month—so many books, so little time! Best of luck!