Hi again! I’m Kira and welcome to my library-blog.

Who are you?
I’m an English Literature and Publishing professional keen on getting deeply involved in the publishing world. I studied all aspects of the publishing process while at university, but I am largely interested in editorial and promotional work. To keep my editorial skills sharp, I worked on two different university publications: Hofstra’s Font and Windmill. I have assumed the roles of copyeditor, designer, and managing editor throughout my tenure at both of these journals.

Books have always been a passion of mine (my double-fronted bookshelf should be answer enough) and I want to follow that passion into a career but also into a personal hobby. Driven by my enthusiasm for books and publishing, I created this blog as an outlet for my thoughts, ideas, and opinions on various topics related to those interests.

What do you know about publishing?
Not a lot, to be honest—but I intend to change that. As a student, I am constantly learning and taking time to explore new avenues of creation. I seek out new opportunities no matter where I am and dive head-first into these new experiences.

My writings and opinions about publishing are formed from my experiences as a part of a university literary journal, my internships, and from my publishing courses. (These opinions also come from being an avid reader and consumer of published media.) What I know is by no means comprehensive, and I’m certain that there are hundreds of people who know better than I do. I intend to put myself out there and learn from them.

What’s your favourite genre?
Science fiction has always been a love of mine, but I am also drawn to fantasy. My love for imaginary places, far-off worlds, and futuristic landscapes started early when I first read Harry Potter with my family. That was my introduction into fantasy writing and it brought to life places that weren’t real but could be made real just by reading.

I’ve since moved past Harry Potter (but I’ve not stopped loving it,) into more complex Science Fiction scenes. Megan O’Keefe, Ann Leckie, Claudia Gray, Yoon Ha Lee…all these authors and more are apart of my foray deeper into the world of sci-fi.

Beyond sci-fi, I maintain a love for historical fiction, humor/comedy, and literary fiction.

What’s your favourite book?
You can never pick just one, so here are a few of my favorite titles: