Aha…the rhyme again. Classic. (Sorry.)

Hey! Back again! Looking good, folks, looking good. I’m impressed as you are that were here (again) taking a peek at what’s coming up in my most-anticipated releases of 2022. We left off in April, so let’s jump right into it!


Book of Night, Holly Black (Tor Books, 3 May)

I am slamming my fists on the table! Repeatedly! An adult fantasy novel from the one and only Holly Black? I am openly weeping at my computer as I type this. Please, seriously, add this book to your TBR. Urban fantasy? Check. Dark magic system? Double check. Murder?! Yes, thank you, check please. Charlie is a thief working for gloamists—dark magicians—but she’s ready to leave it all behind her…if only it were that easy. Against magic and doppelgängers, Charlie will have to fight to survive—if surviving is even an option.


Ordinary Monsters, J.M. Miro (Flatiron, 7 June)

The Institute collects children with abilities—”talents”—and teaches them to hone those powers together. But what happens within the walls of the Institute don’t always stay there. . .. A miraculous creation in world building, Miro has absolutely gone above and beyond. A story that spans both time and dimensions begs to be read, and trust me, it’s not for the faint of heart. This book is big. Like big-big. Like could-be-used-as-a-doorstop big. Tender yet mysterious, this world of 1882 Victorian London is at the mercy of the broken children meant to save it.


Wake the Bones, Elizabeth Kilcoyne (Wednesday, 12 July)

Bones? Again? Yes, bones again. You can never have too many bones! A debut about the horrors that grip us at home—a place we thought we were safest. After dropping out of college, Laurel just wants to home and resume her quiet life. But a devil from her past has other ideas, and Laurel must quickly learn about the magic that haunts her before it’s too late. Love and legacy underpin Kilcoyne’s debut, and she explores the complicated feelings we may often have for home.


My Government Means to Kill Me, Rasheed Newson (Flatiron, 23 August)

There are so many pockets of historical fiction that are left unpicked. The tumultuous era of the 1980s is certainly one of them. From TV drama writer Rasheed Newson (The Chi, Narcos, Bel-Air) comes the story of a young Black man, Earl “Trey” Singleston III, who leaves his wealthy Indianapolis family for the city lights of New York with little more than the clothes on his back. Navigating past traumas and present entanglements, Trey reckons with the meaning of life, trying to understand purpose amongst so much death.

Hey—that’s nearly the whole year now! And we’ve barely even started…! Check back for part three coming soon. If you haven’t already read it, here’s part one of looking at some of my most anticipated month-by-month upcoming releases for 2022.


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