‘Tis the season! It comes around every year, but somehow we get caught off-guard. Weeks go by and the next thing you know you’re missing one gift for someone! Where to start?

If you have someone in your life who’s a reader, ask them what books they’re looking at! If they have a Thriftbooks account, they may already have a wishlist and you can order directly from that list. It never hurts to ask someone what they want. Even asking their favorite genre is a good place to start. And never doubt the power of google. Thriftbooks is also good at recommending related books, so if you know their favorite book or author, you can find associated titles.

With the holidays and associated gift-giving season fast approaching, there are tons of books to consider giving. My general recommendation when giving someone a book is to give them a book that you really like*. It’s a very personal gift and it gives you something to talk about in the future. Giving a copy of your favorite book as a gift is also incredibly genuine and it shows that you think that they’ll like it too! Consider writing a dedication in the front cover for extra love!

Two words: special editions. If there’s a book you know your recipient loves, take a look to see if there are any special editions available. It could be an anniversary release special, a signed copy, or an alternative cover. One of my favorite books is Good Omens by authors Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, and I own four copies, each with a different cover (see below). Two of them were given as gifts and it was so wonderful to know that my friends were listening to me when I spoke about my favorite books.

If all else fails, there’s always the gift card. Never doubt the power of a gift card to a bookshop like Barnes&Noble or a retailer like Amazon. A lot of readers love the freedom to pick the books they want to read, and if you’re not entirely sure what they like, it’s a safe bet. If your recipient has a favorite local bookstore, consider a gift card or voucher for that specific shop! If you’re not a fan of giving gift cards as gifts, you may decide to pair it with another item as a little bundle. A scented candle, a box of teas, a bookmark, a bottle of wine…all can make excellent pairings with a gift card!

Even book-related gifts can be fun! Plenty of shops, especially independent bookstores, have accessories and apparel that a book lover will enjoy. T-shirts, pencil cases, socks, pins…you name it! Out of Print has an excellent selection of book-themed accoutrements and even a fun array of holiday-themed book gifts.

Happy Holidays!

*I love giving Donna Tartt’s The Secret History as a gift. I’ve given it twice to different people and they’ve both really loved it. Booyah!

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