Do you ever get the feeling that you’ve seen a book cover on another book? Either they share the same font, the same colors, or the same style, it all starts to look eerily familiar—but it’s a different book. Even books by completely unrelated authors on entirely different subjects somehow start to look alike. Which is why I’d like to take a dive into a segment I have dubbed:

C O V E R   T R E N D S

In Cover Trends, we’ll take a look at books that share one of the above qualities either in style, composition, or color. So let’s get right to it!

As I was wandering the Barnes&Noble shelves, I started to notice a colorful trend. Bright, multi-colored, rainbow-papered book covers. I took a quick pass through a few of the fiction aisles and grabbed a handful of books that all fit the bill.

image of me holding five books: "the interestings," "pretty little mistakes," "my ex-life," "small great things," and "the female persuasion" all of them have brightly colored spines

It wasn’t especially difficult: all of these titles sport bright and colorful spines that immediately catch the eye. This can be useful when the book is lined up spine-outwards instead of front-facing on a shelf. The Jodi Picoult book, though a bit unremarkable on the spine, has a brighter cover, and this one was turned cover-forward which is how I spotted it.

Save for the two Meg Wolitzer books, these titles are written by different authors and each is published by a different imprint, though some do share the same parent publishing house. (The Wolizter books and Picoult’s novel are under the umbrella of Penguin Random House.)

These covers are eye-catching. Amidst a series of indiscernible titles and colors, these ones truly stand out. Either spine-wards or frontwards, you’re drawn to look and see just what is going on with these bright books.

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